Fight of Flight Response

“The only thing we have to fear is… fear itself.”

– President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sweating. Rapid heart rate. Dry mouth. Faster breathing. The “jitters.”

Most of us have experienced some, or all of these prior to speaking or presenting publicly. Whether in Princeton or Phuket, Dallas for Dubai, anxiety surrounding public speaking is nothing new.

Every presenter has a rush of adrenaline prior to presenting. Having worked with thousands of speakers, I can attest to this. This angst seems to be independent of position or job title. Nervous energy affects all of us.

This is a good thing.

That’s right, it is a good thing.

Contrary to popular wisdom, “nervous” energy, properly channeled, and the physiological responses that follow will make for a more impactful presenter, and presentation.

One of the keys to successfully channeling this “nervous energy” is to understand what is actually happening when our acute stress response, or “fight or flight” response, kicks in. And why many of the reactions from this response actually help you. This graphic will show you what is happening when your acute stress response kicks in. For more information, please contact Princeton Public Speaking, headquartered in Princeton, NJ with offices in Dallas and other locations.

Fight or Flight Public Speaking Infographic

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