Calm your fears

1. Prepare: The more you prepare and the better handle you have on the material you are presenting, the better it will go.

2. Practice: Once you have prepared, you MUST practice, early and often. Rumor has it that Churchill practiced for one hour per one minute of speech content he was delivering. 5 minute presentation = 5 hours practice. How long are you practicing?

3. Check out the Room: Familiarity breeds comfort.


What do Lincoln, Kennedy and Churchill  have to do with communicating in 2012?  Everything!

We are a little over three weeks into 2012, with myriad communication disasters, from major crisis communication errors to communication errors that have directly resulted in a crisis.


Failure to remember the ABC’s of effective communication.

I am excited to announce that I have written a manifesto,


The teleprompter has gotten quite a bit of recent attention.  After witnessing many faux pas over the past few days, here are five quick tips to make the teleprompter experience a bit more rewarding:

1) Always bring a physical copy of the text with you.  There is nothing worse than discovering that the text you had thought was loaded into the teleprompter was not loaded, or was loaded incorrectly.